For Bring-Your-Own-Cloud (BYOC) customers, Managed Monitoring allows Common Fate to proactively monitor the health of your deployment.

When Managed Monitoring is enabled, OpenTelemetry tracing data is sent to our central collector. This is the same tracing data which is currently emitted to AWS X-Ray in your Common Fate deployment account — you can look at the X-Ray service to see exactly what is sent.

The types of data includes:

  • the kinds of background tasks running in your deployment and the duration these tasks are running for
  • durations and success/error statuses of calls made to Common Fate APIs
  • internal operations, such as queries made to a database (excluding any database query parameters, which may be sensitive)
  • internal Common Fate resource identifiers, such as Access Request IDs and Common Fate user IDs
  • the current version of Common Fate that is deployed to your environment

Our collector infrastructure is hosted at, with static IPs: and


If you’re running a BYOC (“Bring-Your-Own-Cloud”) deployment of Common Fate in your own AWS account, you’ll need to be on v1.40.0 or later of the common-fate/common-fate-deployment/aws Terraform module.

Enabling Managed Monitoring

Enable Managed Monitoring by setting the managed_monitoring_enabled to true in your Terraform deployment:

module "common-fate-deployment" {
	managed_monitoring_enabled = true


Is any sensitive data included?

Sensitive data such as cloud resource identifiers or email addresses are _not _ included in OpenTelemetry traces. You can confirm this by looking at AWS X-Ray.

Where is monitoring data stored?

Common Fate stores OpenTelemetry data in Axiom with a 90 day retention. Axiom is SOC2 and ISO27001 certified.

How is the data protected?

The OpenTelemetry Collector endpoint is write-only, and is authenticated. Common Fate deployments exchange their licence key for a Monitoring Write Token. The Write Token allows OpenTelemetry events to be sent to the Collector endpoint.

Can I disable Managed Monitoring?

Yes — Managed Monitoring is opt-in.