OpsGenie and Common Fate

Common Fate integrates with OpsGenie to contextually approve access based on a user’s on-call status.


To set up OpsGenie in your Common Fate deployment you will need to create an API key within your OpsGenie tenancy.

  1. Log into your OpsGenie account with an admin user. In the left nav you will see an App Settings section. Select “API key management”.

  2. You will be taken to the API key management page, next click on the “Add new API key” button in the top right.

  3. Here you will fill in some information about the API key. The name can be called Common Fate and you should select Read and Configuration access in the Access rights section.

  4. Copy the Access Key value.

You can use the AWS CLI to create a secret in the region you are deploying to, we recommend naming these "/<namespace>/<stage>/<secret name>"

aws ssm put-parameter \
    --name "/common-fate/prod/opsgenie-api-key" \
    --value "mySecretValue" \
    --type "SecureString"
  1. In your configuration Terraform, add the following into your main.tf file
resource "commonfate_opsgenie_integration" "opsgenie" {
  name                = "Ops Genie"
  api_key_secret_path = "/common-fate/prod/opsgenie-api-key"

  1. Run a deployment
terraform apply


If you need assistance with this integration, please contact support@commonfate.io, or join our Slack community here, we’re happy to help!