What are Selectors?

Selectors are used in Common Fate to inform the policy engine what targets should be selected for access. A Target is the resource an entitlement grants access to, such as an AWS Account or GCP Project.

Creating a Selector

There are selectors for each of the supported resources in Common Fate.

Below is an example of a GCP Selector:

resource "commonfate_gcp_project_selector" "selector-demo" {
  id = "demo"
  name = "demo"
  gcp_organization_id = "organization/29384625153"
  when = <<EOT
  resource.tag_keys contains "production" && resource in GCP::Folder::"folders/342982723"

In the example this selector will match any GCP projects that have resource.tag_keys with “production” in the name and any projects within the “folders/342982723” folder.