In order to use Common Fate to grant least-privileged access to your entitlements, you’ll need to set up integrations and policies.

To avoid confusion, we make a distinction between Application Configuration and Infrastructure Configuration:

Application ConfigurationConfiguration of Common Fate itselfSetting up access policies which defines which entitlements are available to request
Infrastructure ConfigurationConfiguration of the infrastructure to create your Common Fate deployment in AWSConfiguration of the VPC that your Common Fate application runs inside of

Common Fate uses Terraform to manage all application-level configuration. To avoid any dependency issues between the infrastructure and application layers we recommend using a separate Terraform root module for your Application Configuration.

Without configuring resources and plugins into Common Fate, the deployment is a bit of an empty shell. It is an integral part of the set up to have some configuration set for your deployment.

All Application Configuration is created and managed using the commonfate Terraform Provider. Refer to our provider documentation for detailed guidance on the available Terraform resources.