Common Fate vs Open Source (OSS)

Compared to our open source project Glide, Common Fate offers:

  • GCP Support: JIT access workflows for Google Cloud Platform.
  • Advanced Policy Layer: Allows for conditional approval based on user and resource attributes, such as tags associated with an account.
  • On-call Integration: Grant access automatically when a user is on an on-call rotation with OpsGenie and/or PagerDuty integration.
  • Improved Slack Integration: Approve Access Requests directly from Slack without needing to open the Common Fate web application.
  • Support: Support SLA (24x5) with a dedicated Slack Connect channel.
  • SCIM User Provisioning: User profile synchronization via industry-standard SCIM (rather than custom integrations, as is used in Common Fate OSS).
  • Multi-region and Multi-cloud High Availability: Host the Common Fate Access Plane workers across multiple regions and cloud providers to improve availability.
  • (coming Q1 2024) JIT access to AWS RDS: Grant just-in-time access to RDS databases.

The Common Fate team will handle the migration of the configuration from the Glide deployment to the Common Fate deployment and ensure a seamless transition.