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Version: 0.15

Built-In Providers

In Common Fate v0.14 and earlier, a set of Access Providers were included in the Common Fate deployment. We refer to these as "Built-In Providers".

In Common Fate v0.15+, Access Providers are now versioned and deployed separately to the Common Fate deployment, and are developed using a library called the Provider Development Kit (PDK). We refer to these as "PDK Providers". Common Fate v0.15 also supports the existing Built-In Providers.

If you are currently using Built-In Providers (such as our AWS SSO or Okta Groups Access Providers), no action is currently required and your Common Fate deployment will work as-usual when updating to v0.15.

We are planning on deprecating Built-In Providers in favor of PDK Providers within the next few releases. We will publish documentation on how to migrate from Built-In Providers to PDK Providers without causing downtime in your deployment.

You can find documentation for our built-in Providers below: