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Version: 0.15

Deployment setup

Installing gdeploy

To manage your Common Fate deployment, start by installing gdeploy.

gdeploy is a command-line interface (CLI) tool for creating and managing Common Fate deployments. It provides commands for creating and updating deployments, and also for operational tasks like viewing logs and backing up or restoring data.

To install gdeploy, follow the instructions below based on your computer's operating system:

Homebrew is an open source package manager for MacOS. We publish a Homebrew formula for gdeploy. To install gdeploy with Homebrew, run the commands below in your terminal.

brew tap common-fate/granted
brew install gdeploy

Verify the installation

You can verify the integrity and authenticity of the gdeploy binary you have downloaded by running through the verification process here (replacing references to granted in URLs with gdeploy).

Check that gdeploy has been installed correctly by running the following command:

gdeploy -v

You should see a version output similar to the below:

gdeploy version 0.12.0

Setting up your deployment configuration

To start, create a new folder on your computer and open a terminal window in it; this folder will hold configuration files for your Common Fate deployment. You can give this folder any name — we suggest calling it common-fate-deployment. In the terminal window, run the following command:

gdeploy init

gdeploy will ask some questions to set up your deployments. After you've answered the questions, you should see an output similar to below:

[] wrote config to deployment.yml

The deployment.yml file contains all of the configuration for your Common Fate deployment. Have a look at the file by running:

cat deployment.yml

This should output something similar:

version: 2
stackName: Common Fate
account: "123456789012"
region: ap-southeast-2
release: v0.12.0
CognitoDomainPrefix: common-fate-login-cfdemo

During the deployment process, gdeploy reads information from this file and uses it to populate CloudFormation parameters for the deployment.


We recommend using Git to track versions of the deployment.yml file. Run the following commands from your deployment folder to set up version control with Git:

git init
git add -A
git commit -m "initial Common Fate deployment configuration"

You can publish this repository to a Git time to deploy Common Fate! From the same folder as the previous step, run the following command: provider like GitHub or GitLab to backup your configuration.