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Version: 0.15

Running the deployment

Now that you've set up deployment.yml, it's time to deploy Common Fate! From the same folder as the previous step, run the following command:

gdeploy create

gdeploy will display a list of resources to create and ask if you wish to continue. Enter Y and press enter to begin the deployment. The deployment process takes around 5 minutes to complete. Grab a coffee while you wait!

After the deployment process is complete, you should see an output similar to the below:

Final stack status: CREATE_COMPLETE
| UserPoolDomain | |
| CloudFrontDomain | |
| FrontendDomain | |
| APIURL | |
| DynamoDBTable | Granted |
| CognitoClientID | 3dhk5dn6oobh8r5ft6r7834ijg |
| UserPoolID | ap-southeast-2_7UAB8g9AZ |
| S3BucketName | granted-frontendwebappbucketdfdb6ba7-1svhcuc0zft5l |
| CloudFrontDistributionID | E1V3I3M613HH6O |
| EventBusArn | arn:aws:events:ap-southeast-2:616777145260:event-bus/Granted |
| EventBusSource | |
| Region | ap-southeast-2 |
[] Your Common Fate deployment has been updated

You can check the status of your Common Fate deployment at any time by running the following command:

gdeploy status

This command will print the same parameter table that you see above.

Creating an admin user

Before you can use Common Fate, you'll need to create a user account for yourself. By default, Common Fate uses AWS Cognito to store user account information. You can add a user to the Cognito user pool by running the following command:

gdeploy identity users create --admin -u YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS

where YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS is your own email address. You should see an output similar to the below:

[] created user
[] added user to administrator group 'granted_administrators'

Now, check the inbox of your email address. You should have an email from with the subject “Your temporary password”. The email should look similar to the following:

A sample verification email

You'll use this password the first time you log in to Common Fate.

Logging in to the web dashboard

Now that you've created a user account, you can log in to Common Fate! Retrieve your web dashboard URL by running:

gdeploy dashboard url

This will output a similar URL:

Open the dashboard by running:

gdeploy dashboard open

Alternatively, copy the URL into your web browser. The domain should finish with

You will be redirected to a login screen which looks similar to the below.

A screenshot of the login screen

Enter your email address and temporary password from the previous step. You'll be prompted to set a permanent password. After setting your password, you'll be redirected to the Common Fate end user dashboard!

The end user dashboard is where team members can request and approve access to roles and resources. Click the Admin button in the top right to navigate to the admin dashboard.

You'll see that you don't have access to anything yet! To set this up, we'll need to add an Access Provider. Click through to the next page to see what the next steps are.