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Credential Process

Granted has a custom SSO credentials process that automatically assumes roles. This is useful for the following:

  • You want to use the native AWS CLI (with --profile flag) but don't want to be prompted for re-authentication
  • You don't want your SSO credentials stored in plaintext (uses Granted's encrypted credentials store)


If a profile contains both credential_processand other AWS SSO keys, the AWS CLI skips the credentialprocess and uses the default aws sso login process to fetch the credentials. For this reason, to use Granted to seamlessly authenticate your SSO profiles with the AWS CLI, you will need to update the SSO configuration keys to include the prefix `granted` as shown below.

- [profile my-profile]
- sso_account_id = <your-sso-account-id>
- sso_region = <your-sso-region>
- sso_role_name = <your-role-name>
- sso_start_url = <>

+ [profile my-profile]
+ granted_sso_account_id = <your-sso-account-id>
+ granted_sso_region = <your-sso-region>
+ granted_sso_role_name = <your-role-name>
+ granted_sso_start_url = <>
+ credential_process = granted credential-process --profile my-profile

Now when running:

 > aws sts get-caller-identity --profile my-profile

You should see something like

"UserId": "<UserId>",
"Account": "<Account>",
"Arn": "<Arn>",

Additionally, if you would like to use Common Fate for turn-key access requests, we support a further integration in the recipe, Connecting to Common Fate.