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Shell Alias

In order to minimise the number of commands that Granted users need to run, Granted automatically exports several environment variables after an AWS role is assumed. These include:


When opening a web console for your active role by running assume -c -ar, Granted reads the AWS_PROFILE to determine the active role.

Shells such as Bash generally do not permit executables to export environment variables into the shell which called them. To overcome this limitation, Granted includes an assume shell script which wraps our binary (called assumego) and reads the stdout output of the binary. After assuming a role, our binary prints the following line to stdout:


The shell script reads this line and exports the environment variables accordingly.

In order for the assume script to export environment variables, it must be sourced. We require an alias like the one below to be configured in your shell profile:

alias assume="source /usr/local/bin/assume"

Granted will walk you through installing the shell alias the first time that it is run.

We'd like to acknowledge Trek10's awsume project which has inspired the approach we have taken to exporting environment variables.

If you keep your shell profile in a non-standard location, Granted may fail to install the alias. If this happens, you can manually configure your shell alias.