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Installing the PDK CLI


Our Provider Development documentation is still a work-in-progress. If you're building an Access Provider, join our Community Slack.

In order to use the pdk CLI you'll need to install it on your system. Common Fate provides binaries for pdk that you can download and install.

Homebrew is an open source package manager for MacOS. We publish a Homebrew formula for pdk. To install pdk with Homebrew, run the commands below in your terminal.

brew install common-fate/tap/pdk

Verify the installation

You can verify the integrity and authenticity of the pdk binary you have downloaded by running through the verification process here (replacing references to granted in URLs with pdk).

To verify that the installation has succeeded, print the version of pdk by running pdk -v. You should see an output similar to below.

➜ pdk -v

pdk v0.3.0