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Version: 0.15

Adding Your First Provider

Access Provider setup

To get started with Common Fate, add the TestVault provider. TestVault is a built-in Access Provider intended to get you started with Common Fate and show you how access workflows work, without requiring you to connect Common Fate with your production infrastructure.


You will need to have deployed Common Fate and have valid AWS credentials in your terminal environment before you can get started with this guide.

Add the TestVault provider by running the following command:

gdeploy provider add --uses commonfate/testvault@v1

You will see an output similar to below:

The TestVault API URL (apiUrl) (

Press Enter.

You will see an output similar to below:

A unique ID used as a prefix for vault IDs (uniqueId) (2HZh1BPHaJMsywtNunV9o7Y9c8f)

Press Enter.

You will see an output similar to below:

[✔] wrote config to deployment.yml
[!] Your changes won't be applied until you redeploy. Run 'gdeploy update' to apply the changes to your CloudFormation deployment.

Finally, update the deployment by running the following command:

gdeploy update

All configuration changes in Common Fate follow a similar workflow:

  1. Edit the configuration file.
  2. Run the gdeploy update command to apply your changes to the deployment.

Adding an Access Rule

Access Rules are a core component of Common Fate. They define what roles and resources particular groups can request access to, and define policies such as requiring a second person to approve the access.

Firstly, ensure you are logged into Common Fate as an administrator. To create your first access rule, open the web dashboard with the following command:

gdeploy dashboard open

Press the Switch to Admin button to swap to the admin dashboard, then press the New Access Rule button. You will see a screen similar to below:

Enter “Demo” for the name and “Demo” for the description. Click Next. You will see a screen similar to below:

Since you set up the TestVault provider in the previous step, it's now available for you to use with your Access Rules. Adding more Access Providers will give you more options to choose from in this step. For now, select testvault.

You'll then be prompted to set up specific options for the TestVault provider. Each provider has it's own options available for configuration, this allows you to specify the particular role or resource that you want to grant access to.

Enter “demovault” as the Vault option. Click Next.

Specify a Maximum Duration of 1 hour. Click Next.

Select common_fate_administrators as the request group. Click Next.

Leave the Approvers section empty and click Create.


Common Fate won't let you approve your own access requests, so if you'd like to test out approval policies you'll need to invite a second user to your Common Fate team.

You'll be taken back to the Access Rule table, where you will see your newly created rule.

Now, let's request access!