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Version: 0.15

Updating your deployment

You can use the gdeploy CLI to update your Common Fate deployment when Common Fate releases new versions. Keeping your deployment up to date ensures that you take advantage of new features and security fixes.

Release information, including the latest version number and the changelog, can be found in the Common Fate GitHub repository.


The below process will use an example version upgrade from v0.2.0 to v0.2.1.

First, ensure that your gdeploy CLI is up to date. You can update the CLI by following the installation instructions here.

Edit your deployment.yml file as follows to specify the latest version:

version: 1
stackName: Granted
account: "123456789012"
region: ap-southeast-2
+ release: v0.2.1
- release: v0.2.0

Deploying the changes

Now, apply the changes to your deployment by running:

gdeploy update

You should see an output similar to the below:

[✔] Your Granted deployment has been updated