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Version: 0.15

Identity provider sync configuration

Common Fate uses a scheduled Lambda function to sync users and groups with your identity provider. By default the sync configuration values are as follows:

  • Lambda Memory = 128 MB
  • Lambda Timeout = 20 seconds
  • EventBridge Cron Schedule = Every 5 minutes rate(5 minutes)

These values can be overridden by configuration fields in your deployment.yml file.

Updating Identity Sync Configuration

Example deployment.yml with updated fields:

version: 2
stackName: test
account: "123456789012"
region: ap-southeast-2
release: v0.13.2
AdministratorGroupID: "597375"
IDPSyncTimeoutSeconds: 60
IDPSyncSchedule: rate(10 minutes)
IDPSyncMemory: 256